Robertsville has an ambulance base for remote locations, helping to reduce fuel costs and the amount of fuel burned while on shift, as well as reducing the drive time for Paramedics to start their shifts in North Frontenac.

“Currently the northern ambulance starts its shift at the Parham base at 6 a.m. The vehicle is driven to the North Frontenac Township garage at Lavant Station. It then returns to Parham before the end of the shift at 6 p.m. When the new base comes on stream the shift will start and end in Robertsville, effectively increasing the northern service by almost one hour a day.” (Source:, Jeff Green. July 25, 2013)

  • This project meets Leeds Agreement Standards for energy efficiency.
  • The Ambulance base is equipped with Occupancy Sensors, which automatically turn the lights on when motion is detected, and off when motion is no longer detected.
  • An Automatic Transfer Switch for a generator backup was installed to ensure electrical components remain intact during power outages.

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